Zinnia Jothi Kumar born and raised in Sydney, Australia and of Indian descent. A social entrepreneur, Zinnia is the co-founder & CEO of The Dotted Line a company regulating diversity, social impact, marketing & advertising strategy in media, understanding and auditing the landscape for South Asians in the world of creative business. Zinnia is also Co-Founder at Something Production a content creation company known to produce editorials, advertorials and campaigns for brands new and established.

Zinnia has been a multi-faceted social business entrepreneur. A fashion model, actress, published scientist, public speaker, writer and business owner. Zinnia has knocked down the everyday stereotype of what defines a woman in the 21st century. An individual coming from a disadvantaged socio-economic background, growing up next to a heroin den and attending what was ranked the worst school in the state.

Zinnia surpassed expectations to be one of a handful of students reaching university from her secondary school. The first in her family to go to university, she went on to gain a 1st class honours in Ecology & Human Attraction, publishing scientific papers which were featured by Time, BBC and Forbes. Zinnia presents at science conferences internationally and works as a conservationist in the Australian outback with endangered animals.

Zinnia’s philanthropic work with Breast Cancer survivors, refugees & disadvantaged students, has been noted by the Australian Government and saw her travel South East Asia to countries such as Thailand, India & China teaching children from low socio economic backgrounds and volunteering with organisations across Asia that would help child sex trafficking victims go back to the lives they deserve. Zinnia has represented her opinions globally in many forms via both print, digital media and in person. Zinnia is currently studying towards a research degree at the  University of Oxford looking into in the negative impact of Colorism (Skin Tone Discrimination) across India & South Asia.

Zinnia is often asked, why she does it. Unlike a lot of her entrepreneurial peers, it has very little to do with projecting her image into the public sphere. She does this, to prove to her 16 year old self, that it can be done. You can pull yourself up from some of the darkest places, both mentally and physically. If you have the right drive and determination, and never give up attitude it can be done. Zinnia wants to inspire a generation to overcome their fear and negativity, and to believe that they can too. Your background and where come from does not define you.

Zinnia believes in children’s access to education is a universal human right that every child needs, she believes that every person deserves compassion, to live free from social stigma & suffering. Social responsibility is at the forefront of what Zinnia stands for.



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